Building outstanding brands in Latin America.

We evaluate your business for free while becoming your best ally to grow hand in hand.

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As a Latin American team, we dream big.

We are experts in ecommerce, marketing, logistics, finances and operations, but most importantly, in listening and being a helping hand to help you achieve your goals.

Always looking for the most original and successful ecommerce brands in Latin America to help them reach their full potential.

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We want to take your brand to every single home in Latin America.

We are looking for successful brands to help them grow faster without losing their essence.

Our process is quick and clear to grow hand in hand.

You can start your process with Quinio if:

You own your brand.
You offer high-quality, outstanding products.
You primarily market your products on ecommerce.
You have a good reputation.
Your annual sales range from $900,000 USD on out.


Ready to sell!

This solution is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step and are searching to capitalize on their efforts immediately.

We evaluate your business; we offer you engaging options and you receive the amount agreed upon when signing the contract..

Your brand is in good hands. We make sure to carry out an adequate transition project.

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Looking for partners!

Acquisition over time
We become partners (1 to 5 years), adding our infrastructure to grow, and working together for this imminent success.

Long-term partnership
We become your strategic partner, adding all our infrastructure and capital to make the most out of your brand and achieve greater international expansion.

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Our strategy in four easy steps

We work with strategic partners and profit from technological tools to make sure that, in less than six weeks, we reach an agreement.

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Let’s talk about your business—the brand you have thoroughly developed and created—and what you are looking for in the future.


We evaluate your brand and value your company.


An offer that matches your goals is made. This is perfect for your life plan.


We boost your brand’s growth by merging your passion with our experience, and take it to where you always dreamed on.

As Latin Americans, we understand what it takes to boost growth in the region.

Always looking for the most successful and original brands in ecommerce to help them reach their full potential.

Are you thinking on selling your brand? Are you looking for a strategic partner?

Start your process now and achieve your goals!

Success stories

I really appreciated the openness and flexibility of the Quinio team. Without that, the agreements that benefitted us all would have not been made. I was able to capitalize on my efforts and now my brand will reach Latin America!

Geovany R.

This opportunity was one of a kind. Partnering with Quinio will help me start other projects I have been wanting to start for a long time.

Rafael G.

As an entrepreneur, I can say there’s nothing as valuable as time. The speed with which the process moved forward was key, and it certainly exceeded my expectations. I’m very satisfied with the experience.

Eduardo P.

We are supported by
the best institutional investors


…as well as successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the region